China Gunpowder
  • Dosage: 1 level tsp (per 250 ml)
  • Brewing Time: 2-3 min
  • Brew Temperature: 70°C
  • Growing Region: China
  • Province: Zhejiang
  • Leaf: Dark green leaf, rolled into balls
  • Cup: Yellowish-brown infusion, spicy, slightly smoky
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China Gunpowder

Wollenhaupt Tee GmbH

Green tea


Most people are familiar with the term gunpowder. This name comes from the spherical appearance of the tightly rolled tea leaves, which look like gunpowder. Also called pearl tea in China, the tea leaves develop a typical, slightly smoky and tart taste in the infusion.

  • Extra economical
  • Classic, popular for years
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Packaging Unit: 2 kg

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